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Personal Injury

Were you injured in a car accident? Let us help you get the compensation you need.

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Are you hurt and can’t work?

Even if your claim was originally denied. Get a free consultation and get the care you deserve.


Personal Injury

We know how difficult it can be after a car accident. Many people deal with injuries, doctors bills, lost wages, and personal property damage. Give us a call so we can help you get your money fast. When you give us a call you work directly with one of our attorneys.

We can help, even if your original claim was denied.

Unfortunately, sometimes workers are denied the compensation that they lawfully deserve. If you need to claim workers’ compensation or you’ve attempted and been denied, we can help you. We are ready to fight on your behalf so that you receive the care and recovery you need.

With over 30 years of experience we are dedicated to helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Each case is handled by Richard or Scott personally, not by a paralegal or adjuster.

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