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How to Prevent a Car Crash

This last year, South Carolina’s roads witnessed 408 fatal car crashes. Drunk and distracted drivers caused a significant number of these crashes. Every year, distractions cause 1 in every 5 collisions where somebody is injured. Every year, crashes injure around 3 million people in the US. Crashes happen everywhere. So how do you prevent them?

Avoid distractions

Do you reply to texts, type in new addresses in your GPS, or choose different songs while driving? If you do, then you’re part of the NHTSA’s estimated 70% of drivers who use their phones while driving.

But using your phone while driving isn’t like drunk driving, right? You might not be drunk, but your phone can distract you as much as alcohol influence. When you’re paying more attention to your phone than to the road, car crashes can happen. Avoid your phone, and you’ll avoid collisions.

Thoughts assault you. Kids argue. Donuts tempt you. These can also easily distract you. But distractions can compromise your safety and cause collisions.

Drive defensively

To avoid car crashes, drive defensively. Slow down when crossing an intersection. Traffic lights don’t guarantee safety. Instead of speeding through, wait until the left turn signal turns on. Every year, intersections witness around 40% of all collisions in the US.

Speeding robs you of time and distance to respond to reckless drivers’ maneuvers. Driving at high speeds also increases your chances of fatal collisions. Avoid going over 10 miles above the interstate speed limit. In the case of a crash, you could be charged with contributing to the incident for driving too fast.

In spite of your driving defensively, accidents can still occur. The word “accidental” means unintentional. “Accidental,” however, doesn’t mean guilt-free. Most of the time, one of the parties is at fault.

Maintain your car

Keeping your tires in good shape can help prevent car crashes. Over inflating tires reduces traction, and under inflating them causes blowouts. Any of these could cause you to lose control when driving.

Replace your tires 6 years after their manufacturing date. Try to replace all 4 tires at the same time. Replacing only one tire alters your car’s balance. But if you do only replace two tires, place them in the rear axle to not lose control. Avoid buying used tires.

Stay alert, and you’ll keep yourself and others safe on the road. But sometimes collisions still happen. Attorney Richard Smith has written the booklet “10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Injured in a Car Wreck” to lead you in the right direction if you’re ever in a car crash. You can download it here for free.

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