How Medical Treatment Affects Disability Claim Approval

One of the key ways to improve your chances of having a Social Security Disability claim approved is tied to the medical treatment you receive.

Seeking treatment

Before applying for Social Security Disability, you need to have a strong recent medical record proving that you have been seeking treatment for your condition, as well as proof of upcoming appointments. Those who do not seek medical treatment are significantly less likely to have their cases approved.


Keep and organize all medical documentation you receive. If a physician requires that you reduce or alter your work, make sure you receive official notes that you can add to your file. Always ask for copies of your paperwork and statements of functional limitations.

Applying for Social Security Disability can feel like fighting an uphill battle, even on a good day. But coupled with a limiting medical condition that keeps you from enjoying work and life, the process can be incredibly frustrating. Richard Smith has been practicing law for over 30 years and can offer compassionate attention to your case. Smith Injury Law, PA, (864-236-5530) offers a free consultation.

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