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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney following an accident can relieve significant legal and financial stress, but only if you hire the right one. Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you search for a personal injury attorney:

1. Experience

Be sure to find an attorney who has experience in cases similar to yours to ensure that your case is handled properly.

2. Recommendation

Look for a personal injury attorney that you can talk to personally. Many personal injury attorneys pass you off to paralegals and assistants and do not handle the case personally. It is important to find someone who can deal directly with your case.

3. Fees

When researching personal injury attorneys, one factor to keep in mind is how they expect to be compensated. Some of the common types of fees include contingency, retainer, and hourly fees. In addition to finding an attorney who is trustworthy, you want to find one who is affordable. Our law office doesn’t get paid until you get paid when the case is settled or after a court judgement.

4. Experience

Not only do you want to make sure your attorney has experience in the type of situation you are in, but you also want to make sure he or she has experience both taking cases to trial and winning cases.

5. Comfort

How you feel around your attorney is also an important, albeit often overlooked, factor. As you talk with an attorney and ask questions, pay attention to how they talk to you and answer your questions. Your attorney should never make you feel uncomfortable or pressured.

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