Your Disability Claim Was Denied. Now What?

Was your SSD application in Greenville, SC, recently denied by the Social Security Administration? You are not alone. For millions of Americans who seek to apply for Social Security disability benefits each year, more than 60% of applications are denied. Of those who appeal, 80% are denied. While every application for SSD is different, there […]

Top 5 Reasons You May Be Denied Social Security Disability

According to Disability Benefits Help, around 70% of all social security disability claims are denied when first evaluated. Why do so many claims get denied? With only an initial success rate of 30%, how can you avoid falling into the negative percentile? Disability Benefits Help provides 5 main reasons that Social Security Disability Claims are […]

3 Tips for Getting Disability Claims Approved

About 60% of Social Security Disability initial claim applications get denied. Such a startling number may make you feel like giving up before you get started. But before you give up altogether, here are three steps you can take to improve your chances of Social Security Disability claim approval. 1. Gather the right documentation. The […]

Top 10 Most Common OSHA Violations

Unsafe work conditions may be present in almost any type of workplace. Companies are required by OSHA to maintain safe working practices. However, there are often many violations that go overlooked by management that could cause serious injury to employees. Therefore, it is the duty of the worker to report any unsafe work conditions they […]

How to Identify and Report OSHA Violations Within the Workplace

In any work environment, it is crucial to your health and well-being to feel safe in your workplace. Sometimes, however, a workplace may seem safer than it really is. Over 14 workers are killed every year and roughly 2,500 employees are injured while working in a seemingly safe environment. In order for employees to protect […]

Can You Get Immediate Social Security Disability Approval?

Whether a person is applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the odds for receiving benefits are not high, and most claims are denied the first time. However, the Social Security Administration makes special allowances for certain conditions that qualify a person for aid simply with a diagnosis. These conditions […]

Social Security Disability & Vision Loss

Whether a person has been blind or visually impaired since birth or has experienced vision loss later in life, living with a visual disability can come with a high price tag. Expenses can include living and transportation accommodations, adaptive technologies, frequent medical appointments, and service animal training and related expenses. Even if an individual is […]

Lyme Disease & Social Security Disability

Lyme disease is a systemic disease transmitted through tick bites. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 300,000 people in the United States may contract Lyme disease each year. Lyme disease has three stages with increasing symptoms. If left untreated early on, it can lead to multiple debilitating conditions. Although Lyme […]