How to Prevent a Car Crash

This last year, South Carolina’s roads witnessed 408 fatal car crashes. Drunk and distracted drivers caused a significant number of these crashes. Every year, distractions cause 1 in every 5 collisions where somebody is injured. Every year, crashes injure around 3 million people in the US. Crashes happen everywhere. So how do you prevent them? […]

Motorcycle Education Classes in Upstate South Carolina

One of the first steps of preventing a motorcycle collision is proper motorcycle safety education. Driving a motorcycle requires different skills and safety precautions than driving a car, which is one reason why every state and D.C. requires a Class M motorcycle license or endorsement in order to drive a motorcycle. Fatal motorcycle crashes occur […]

3 Ways to be a Proactive Driver

When you were first learning how to drive, your parent or instructor probably drilled you on how to be a “defensive” driver. But, as we’ve established with the difference between the terms “accident” and “collision,” the words we use affect how we think about a topic. In that case, is “defensive” driving the term we […]

Is Your Car Wreck an “Accident” or a “Collision”?

Good communication requires being mindful of the words we use. In a legal setting, word choice is critical, whether written or spoken. For instance, when talking about an auto collision, many people refer to the event as an “accident.” The word “accident” refers to intent. And though it is true that very few auto wrecks […]

How a Gap in Treatment Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

After an auto collision, you have filed the police report, exchanged insurance information with the other driver, and have called someone to pick you up. What is your next step? For most people, all they can think about is getting home–and we understand! A collision, even a minor or moderate incident, can be shocking, emotional, […]

3 Tips for Taking Photos After a Collision

You’ve just experienced an auto collision and your thoughts are swirling. What’s next? What should you do? My key piece of advice: Take photos of the collision to preserve visual proof for insurance and legal purposes. Here are three tips for preserving evidence. 1. Take photos before vehicles are moved or debris is cleaned up. […]

Can You Get Immediate Social Security Disability Approval?

Whether a person is applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the odds for receiving benefits are not high, and most claims are denied the first time. However, the Social Security Administration makes special allowances for certain conditions that qualify a person for aid simply with a diagnosis. These conditions […]

Seminar: “Workers’ Compensation Claims in 6 Steps!”

Join me Wednesday, February 6, 2019, for my seminar “Workers’ Compensation Claims in 6 Steps.” that walks you through the workers’ compensation claim process. Whether you work in law, insurance, HR, or other related fields, having a full picture of workers’ compensation is vital for serving our clients and employees with intelligence. The course content […]

Social Security Disability & Vision Loss

Whether a person has been blind or visually impaired since birth or has experienced vision loss later in life, living with a visual disability can come with a high price tag. Expenses can include living and transportation accommodations, adaptive technologies, frequent medical appointments, and service animal training and related expenses. Even if an individual is […]

How Medical Treatment Affects Disability Claim Approval

One of the key ways to improve your chances of having a Social Security Disability claim approved is tied to the medical treatment you receive. Seeking treatment Before applying for Social Security Disability, you need to have a strong recent medical record proving that you have been seeking treatment for your condition, as well as […]

Car Accident Checklist

The moments immediately after a collision can be incredibly disorienting. However, the actions you take in the first several minutes after an accident can be crucial. Having a post-accident checklist in mind can help you take the right steps and avoid mistakes. 1. Remain calm. An accident can be overwhelming, but it is important to […]

Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury?

For many people, a work-related injury is a daily possibility. In the event of an accident, most people know that they can file a workers’ compensation claim. But for some, they may be able to file a personal injury claim instead. Here are two ways in which workers’ compensation and personal injury claims differ: 1. […]