3 Ways for Truck Drivers to Maintain Road Safety & Avoid Collisions

As a commercial truck driver, your primary goal is to travel from one location to another safely and efficiently. But with the number of semi-truck related collisions and fatalities rising, drivers must be sure to take extra precautions while operating large vehicles.

Although the majority of truck collisions are caused by non-commercial vehicles, there are still several important steps that truck drivers can follow to ensure a safer driving environment while on the road.

1. Remain awake and alert at all times

Driver fatigue is one of the biggest instigators of unsafe and reckless driving. Drowsiness not only leads to heavy eyelids and uncontrollable micro-sleeps, but it can also cause the driver to be distracted and unfocused, even if they are not dozing off. If fatigue begins to become a serious issue, any driver should pull over and either take a quick nap or rest before resuming the drive. No deadline or schedule is worth a collision.

2. Watch for distracted drivers

Drivers often let their guard down while on the highway because of a set speed limit, infrequent stops, and cruise control. Drivers may be tempted to have a snack, send a text, and lose focus while operating their vehicle. Situations like these contribute to the rising rate of non-commercial and semi-truck collisions. Truck drivers should always be on high alert for problem drivers like these. Always be sure to look for drifting, speeding, and overcorrecting vehicles around you.

3. Continually and thoroughly inspect your truck

Keeping your eyes on the road and being constantly aware of your surroundings is vital while driving. Driving risks, however, can sometimes be hiding within or below a vehicle. Therefore, it is vital for every truck driver to operate a checked and inspected truck before, during, and after driving. Check brakes, oil, tire pressure, and everything in between to help ensure a safe drive for you and others on the road.

Being aware of dangerous scenarios and knowing how to prevent them is important for maintaining road safety. Implementing these practices will help reduce collision rates and confidence for semi-truck drivers and others who share the road. Find more information on truck safety here.

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