3 Tips for Taking Photos After a Collision

You’ve just experienced an auto collision and your thoughts are swirling. What’s next? What should you do?

My key piece of advice: Take photos of the collision to preserve visual proof for insurance and legal purposes. Here are three tips for preserving evidence.

1. Take photos before vehicles are moved or debris is cleaned up.

In order to get an accurate visual of the scene of the collision, everything needs to be left as-is before the police arrive. So many factors can play into a collision, some of which you may be completely unaware of until all the evidence is examined. Preserve the evidence by taking photos as soon as possible after a collision.

2. Take photos even if the insurance adjuster takes photos.

You may see an insurance representative taking photos and think that you won’t need to take photos for yourself. But in many cases insurance companies claim to lose the photos they took or may collect insufficient evidence that works in their favor. Be proactive and take your own photos.

3. Take photos of everything.

Collect as much visual proof as possible. Take photos of the vehicles, debris on the road, the surrounding area, skidmarks, damage to other property, and any injuries. Take photos of every angle of your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle. Take photos of the interior of your vehicle. Be thorough and document everything.

But what if you’re injured or can’t take the photos yourself? Give me a call at (864) 236-5530. Whenever I meet with a client after a collision, I always take photos of the vehicles and the scene of the incident. Aside from being able to preserve the evidence for you, I can give the support you need after a traumatic experience like an auto collision.

For further information on this topic, check out my educational video here. https://youtu.be/nvoEZDF7o60

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