Why Choose Smith Injury Lawyers in Greenville, SC

We know that what our clients want is to get the most compensation in the least amount of time and that is why we pride ourselves on being able to obtain settlements that net the client more than what is expected at trial. In most cases we can recommend a settlement that we believe nets the client more than what is expected at trial, given the delay and trial costs associated with the litigation process. Local experience matters. Richard Smith grew up in Spartanburg and has spent 30 years practicing law in the upstate and the last 23 years in western NC as well. An out of town attorney or an attorney that doesn't handle a lot of personal injury cases or workers compensation cases may not be able to accurately evaluate the most likely jury result or commission result. That is our opinion only and nothing in this section is intended to compare our legal services to those of other attorneys.

All we can do is describe to you our process for evaluating cases and our commitment that when we have to litigate a case that we will commit the time and resources necessary to present your case effectively to the judge, jury, or commissioner that decides the case.

Our policy is to exhaust all settlement opportunities before proceeding with litigation on personal injury cases.

The reason we do that is because litigation adds usually a year or more to the time it takes to resolve a claim unless it is resolved at mediation then it still usually adds at least six to eight months to the process. Also, litigation increases the costs in the case so we always evaluate the top offer and what we can net the client before filing suit because litigation delays the settlement and increases the costs. Also, insurance adjusters sometime miss weaknesses in the case that insurance defense lawyers don't miss so we always want to know the strengthens and weaknesses of the case before subjecting our case to an evaluation by an experienced defense attorney.

Practicing law is hard work and there are no short cuts.

There is no substitution for organization and preparation. We will make every effort to return all calls from our clients and each client is assigned a paralegal and an attorney that will be working on their case and all of the cases will be reviewed by one of the partners as well as the attorney assigned to the case. We have a team of professions working for you to get you the best and quickest result possible. Please review our client testimonial page as well as our settlement page. We respect our client privacy and have limited our testimonials to only a few and we don't disclose the names of our clients in the settlement section. Everyone's case is different and we deplore the use of misleading testimonial ads from other attorneys that imply big results but don't disclose the facts behind the settlement. Richard Smith has personally handled over a thousand personal injury and worker's compensation cases and several hundred social security disability cases. We have been involved in cases that have settled for over a million dollars and many that have settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have also settled many small cases. No case is too small and no case is too big for us to handle.

Just give us a call and we will evaluate your case and if we chose not to accept it we will recommend someone to you. There is never any fee to talk to us and we look forward to hearing from you. We also are happy to meet with you in your home or in the hospital as well as in one of our three office locations. We never charge a consultation fee. On all personal injury, worker's compensation, and social security disability cases we use a contingent fee contract which means there is no fee unless we win your case. Costs may be excluded. Call today for a free case review with an attorney.