South Carolina Drunk Driving and DUI Defense Lawyers

At Smith Injury Lawyers PA, we understand what's at stake when you get arrested for drunk driving. Without an experienced Greenville DUI lawyer on your team, you could face fines up to $4,000, jail time and more. We examine your case and work diligently to determine if your specific defense strategy. Each case is different. We understand that people make mistakes, and are charged with South Carolina DUI based on only a suspicion of impairment rather than actual evidence. While drunk driving is never condoned, an arrest does not mean you are guilty.

At Smith Injury Lawyers PA, we take defending your DUI case seriously. We have undergone the same training as the Officers conducting your Field Sobriety Tests and subsequent arrest. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides Standardized training for all Officers that conduct DUI stops and arrests. We have studied this training extensively, and have used it to obtain tremendous results for our clients.

It is imperative that YOU call and speak with an attorney ASAP. If you wait your license could be suspended without any opportunity to gain a temporary, route restricted, or full privilege Driver's License.